the balance

I am convinced that each struggle is not merely to prepare me for greater struggles. Rather, each one not only shapes my outlook and my framework for life, but also prepares me for the beauty to come. I am enveloped today in yin -uncertainty, frustration, loneliness, interpersonal battles- so that I may embrace yang -peace, comfort, and satisfaction – tomorrow. Those tomorrows may be intermittent, or they may be consecutive. It matters not when they come, so much, as does my preparation to appreciate them when they manifest. Right now I’m bedfellows with Pain in a commonwealth marriage. It’s almost comfortable, but I am not complacent. I will continue to search for what is rightfully mine. And I am thankful because Joy and I will have that much greater intimacy for it. This struggle has poised me to receive my windfall of happiness.


My mind is a waterfall, with constant thoughts surging over the precipice. I gave up trying to bucket and save them for later, lest I would drown. Now I simply allow the coolness to spray my skin as the rushing stream drizzles overhead. Not every idea is worth fishing for. Instead I look for rainbows in the waterfall, documenting their beauty as they are genius revealing itself to me.