All I’ve known of it has been ill-timed and single-sided. But they tell me Love is beautiful. They say it is a resource that is never depleted. Some people never experience the rush of blood to the skin, the hand that catches them when they fall. Some people hit the ground when they fall. And Love does not call their name. I do not want to be that person any longer. I will know Love one day. Someone will catch me when I fall. And it will be beautiful.


Some professions require more of the self, and are greater than their titles. The therapist cannot give adequate counsel if she is broken. The financial advisor cannot be bankrupt. If your job is to be of service and your own needs are not being met, your service will lack value. It will be as if you’ve given nothing at all. In order to serve others, we must first serve our own needs. Yet some professions expect more than is humanly attainable. I am not Superman. Do not wait for me to save anyone. I am the one in need of rescue. And no one else is going to save me. The time has come for me to return my cape.