sometimes, i lie under the blanket of silence and savor the sounds of the world. no television. no music. only the harmony of whirring cars, wind, and the confident flapping of birds’ wings. blanketed in silence, my thoughts quake in my head, urging me to listen. and i listen as if my thoughts are gospel. because they are. like oxygen, sunlight, water and food, quiet is my sustenance. without it, i cannot be all that i am to you.



words are indeed magical. their superpowers include the ability to forge and equally damage relationships. and every relationship is the delicate balance between words unspoken and those that have been shared. most powerful of all is that what is said can neither be reversed nor transferred. it remains attached to its host, where it comes alive. words are living beings, immortal once they are spoken. they are omnipresent in our conscious and subconscious. forever. this magic, therefore, should be applied with restraint. always.